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1.1. About Cookies Websites use useful and intelligent techniques to enhance usability and make websites more interesting to each visitor. One of the best known techniques involves the use of cookies. Cookies may be used by website owners or third parties such as advertisers who communicate through the website visited. Cookies are small text files that are stored on users' computers. The information contained in the cookies may also be used to track the investigation on various websites using the same cookie.
Cookies are classified by duration and site.
We believe it is important to provide users with information about the cookies used by our website and the purposes for which they are used. The goal is threefold: to guarantee your privacy, to guarantee usability and to optimize the development of our websites. The following statement illustrates the cookies used on our websites and related purposes.

2.Use of cookies by theAPN UK Group and / or the companies and brands that belong to it. The APN UKGroup uses cookies to collect statistical information about visitors and record information about your preferences while browsing websites. Our purpose with the use of cookies is to improve the experience of our website for visitors.

3. Cookies and related functionality Different cookies are used depending on individual goals. Below is a list of the most common types of cookies and the purposes for which they are used.
3.1. Session cookies Session cookies are temporarily stored in the computer's memory while they are browsing a website, for example, to follow the language of choice. Session cookies are stored on your computer for a short time. In fact, they will be deleted as soon as the user closes the web browser.
3.2. Persistent or Tracer Cookies Persistent cookies store a file on your computer for a longer period of time. This type of cookie has an expiration date. Persistent cookies allow websites to remember information and settings on subsequent visits by users, making browsing more convenient and faster because, for example, it is no longer necessary to log in.
At the expiration date, the cookie is automatically deleted when you log in to the website that created it for the first time.
3.3. Original cookies These cookies are set by the websites themselves (with the same domain as specified in the address bar of the browser) and only these websites can read them. They are often used to store information such as preferences for later visits to the site.
3.4. Third-party cookies These cookies are set by domains that are not specified in the address bar of the browser, ie by organizations that do not agree with the owners of websites.
The cookies used, for example, to collect information for advertising and personalization of content and to process web statistics may be "third-party cookies".
Third-party cookies allow us to conduct more complete surveys of users' browsing habits and we believe that they are more sensitive from the point of view of integrity. Because of this, in most web browsers you can change the settings so that these cookies are not accepted.
3.5. Flash Cookies Local Shared Objects (Flash) cookies are data that can be stored on your computer by websites that use Adobe Flash.
These cookies provide a new way to track moves and store much more user information than regular cookies. One of the major disadvantages of Flash cookies is the inability to recognize them in the browser. In fact, they do not appear in the list that appears when you consult the cookies that currently exist in the web browser. Normal HTTP cookies can not store more than 4 kilobytes of data, while Flash cookies can store up to 100 kilobytes.
The technical design of Flash cookies is similar to that of cookies. Almost all web browsers have a Flash player that is used to display Flash presentations. A well-known example of Flash presentations is the video player on the YouTube website. (Flash cookies are not only linked to YouTube, but apply to all websites that use Flash cookies). There is no time limit for Flash cookies. Then they stay stored until you continue to eliminate them.
3.5.1 Purpose of Flash Cookies The APN UKGroup uses Flash cookies to collect statistical data and audio configuration settings.

3.5.2 How to disable cookies Flash cookies Flashi can not be blocked or managed in the browser because it is stored elsewhere or in the General Settings section of the current store in the online resource for the configuration manager of Adobe from the website.

The Settings Manager is called from the Adobe website but runs locally on the computer. The website storage settings display all the flash cookies currently stored on your computer. These cookies can be deleted individually from individual websites or all together. You can also increase or decrease the size of all information stored in kilobytes on your computer.

To avoid saving the flash cookie, simply go to the global storage settings and uncheck the third option, "Allow Flash content to save data to your computer."

2804/5000 4. List of by APN UK set up cookies

Cookies Name Purpose Date scadenzaOmniture s_var_1, s_var_2, s_var_3, s_var_4, s_var_5, s_var_6, s_var_7, s_var_8, s_var_9, s_var_10, s_var_11, s_var_12, s_var_18, s_sv_sid These cookies expire at the end of the session and contain information about the location of the page on which "Extent of the Internet presence of APN UK and the number of visits received. They allow you to generate reports that allow APN UK to refine the site. After sessiones_vi This cookie is permanent and stores a unique visitor ID. Permanent_gnr This cookie checks how many visitors are returning to the site. After 30 giorniis_sq Set this cookie and read JavaScript code if the ClickMap feature is enabled. Contains information about the connection that was previously selected by the user. After visitas_cc this cookie is set and read by the javascript code that cookies are enabled (just set to "true"). Expires when the browser uses Google Analytics __utmb In some of our sites and on certain sites use Google Analytics to data is closed for statistical purposes. This cookie determines the visitor's session. After visita__utma unique This cookie identifies visitors 2 years after the configuration / actualización__utmz This cookie tracks traffic and navigation sources. 6 months after setup / update__utmv This cookie shows the custom variables. 2 years after installing / updating ASP.NET_SessionId When a user connects to an ASP.NET application, it assigns a unique session ID to the user. After the ASPSESSIONIDQQBATBCR Session When a user connects to an ASP.NET application, that user is assigned a unique session ID. According to sesiónCampaign, cookies cookies accept this cookie to see if the user accepts cookies. After 1 year put / updateLocal This cookie to find out which language the visitor uses preferred. After 1 year from set / updatevotes-history This cookie is used to track visitors. After 1 year from September / updatejoomla_sec_SessionId If a user connects to a Joomla application a unique session ID will be connected to the user. After 2 weeks from September / updatejoomla_logged_in_SessionId When a user connects to a Joomla application, a unique session identifier is associated with the user. joomla_test_cookie When a user connects to a joomla application, a test cookie is set. After the session 5. List of third-party cookies

Name of the cookie Purpose Date scadenza__stiduset__unam ShareThis is a tool that allows visitors to share and recommend website content APN UK Trucks in social networks. Sitester_Nth1695Sitester_Referrer1695Sitester_ActiveUserId1695Sitester_DelayId1695 use Sitester suggest a survey for visitors to get more information about their opinions on our website. We use UIDUIDR ScorecardResearch web tags to collect data such as comparisons between new and returning visitors and date stamp, URL and website title. ScorecardResearch tags do not identify users who visit a page. In addition, the data collected by ScorecardResearch will only be used in aggregated form. In other words, reports created with such data do not indicate that computer 1 has switched from site A to site B to site C, but always to a complete collection of multiple computers providing information. "67% of the total Internet population visits Site A" or "35% of individual users who visited Site A also visited Site B."

6. Cookie management

6.1. How to Display Cookies Since cookies are plain text files, you can access them with most text editors or word processors. To open it, just click on it. Below is a list of links that explain how cookies appear in different browsers. If your browser does not exist, check the cookie information provided by the browser. If you use a mobile phone, read the appropriate manual for more information.

Firefoxhttps: //

Chromhttps:? // hl = de & answer = 95647 & topic = 14666 & ctx = topic

Internet Explorer 8-10http: //

6.2. Deactivation / Activation or Exclusion of Cookies Cookies can be restricted or blocked via the browser settings.

If you prefer that websites do not store cookies on your computer, configure your browser to save each one before archiving Cookies receive notifications. Alternatively, you can configure your browser to reject all cookies or only third-party cookies. You can also delete all cookies already in the system. It is important to note that the configurations in each browser and computer must be changed individually.

If you configure the blocking of the storage of cookies, we can no longer guarantee the correct functioning of the website. Some website features may not be available and you may not be able to see certain websites. Blocking cookies does not prevent the display of cookies. Advertising. These simply do not suit your interests anymore and are re-suggested more often.

In each browser, the settings are changed using a different method. If necessary, use the help function of the browser to define the correct settings.

For more information about disabling cookies on a mobile phone, see the appropriate manual.

More information about cookies can be found on the Internet at

7. Other Unexpected Cookies / Cookies Taking into account the functioning of the Internet and the websites, we can not always control the cookies that are stored by third parties through our website. This applies in particular to cases in which the website contains so-called embedded elements: texts, documents, pictures or short films that are stored in other locations but are displayed on or via our website. So if a cookie of this type was found on the site, it is not included in the list. Please let us know. Alternatively, you can directly contact interested third parties and ask about the cookies they send for what purpose, how long they last and how they can ensure the privacy of the users.

Please note that some cookies may be placed by external service providers who perform some of these functions (or other services) for us. Cookies are used on this website for the following third-party services: Google AdSense, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Follow, Facebook Like Button, Google +1, AddThis social bookmarking tool, YouTube videos follow Twitter. Some of these services can be used to track behavior on other websites and we have no control over it.

If you continue to use this website without adjusting the cookie settings of your browser, you agree that we may place these cookies on your device.

As with most websites, our server automatically saves the data for each visit, eg. For example, your IP address, browser type, reference / exit pages, and operating system. We can use this information to monitor server errors, monitor server administration, or monitor visitor behavior. It is not possible for this to be enabled for a single user. You must leave this website (and the internet in full) if you disagree.

This privacy policy applies only to this site and does not apply to sites that this site is linked to.

8. Contacts Due to possible changes of our website or the regulations on cookies this information can be changed periodically. Therefore, we are entitled to change the content of the information and the cookies specified in the list at any time and without prior notice. The latest version can be found on this website.

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