Telecom Plus Uk APN Settings for Motorola Nexus 6

Use this guide to manually configure the Telecom Plus UK APN to use the Internet on your mobile in the UK with the Motorola Nexus 6 .

Configuration for the version Android 7 Nougat, for other versions of Android View the page on Android

Follow the instructions below to proceed with the manual configuration of the APN Telecom Plus UK :

Select "Apps".
Scroll to and select "Settings"
Select "More".
Select "Mobile networks"
Select "Access Point Names"
Select "Menu button"on the phone and select "New APN".

Fill in the fields as shown below

APN Settings Telecom Plus UK on a network

    Configuration APN Telecom Plus UK en UK
  • Name :
  • APN :
  • Proxy :
  • Port :
  • Username :
  • Passwort :
  • Server :
  • MMSC :
  • Proxy MMS :
  • Port MMS :
  • MMCC :
  • MNC :
  • Authentication type :
  • APN type :
  • APN Protocol :
  • APN Roaming Protocol :
  • enable / disable APN :

APN Settings Telecom Plus UK

Keep the defaults for all empty fields we specified above.

After entering all this data, press the "Menu" button and then "Save".
Now select the new APN you just created and you can browse the web, manage your emails and use applications that require a mobile connection.